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Dressage Member Points League

The following results are for those who have taken part in our club dressage shows.

Don’t forget: Our next club dressage is on the 9th September, and the last one for the season is on the 30th September! See you there!

Well done to all those who have taken part so far.

Clear Round Evening 22nd August

We had a great turnout for our clear round evening on the 22nd of August, organised by our committee member, Val.

A great way to practice taking your horse show jumping, in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Thank you to everyone who came along. Many of you are already asking when the next clear round evening is going to be held! We will hopefully be adding more to our calendar soon.

If you have any photos of yourself riding in this event please send your favourite to to be featured on our website/social media pages.

Thank you! YDRC x

5th September Club Dressage Results!

Well done everyone who competed in the dressage competition on the 5th!

Here are the results::

Class one Intro A

1st Helen Holdsworth Roscoe 73.26%

2nd Jo Hogan Storms Red Horizon 66.09%

3rd Jane Naish Phoenix 65.65%

4th Michelle Bell Duke 65.44%

5th Gemma Dodson Newbie 63.44%

Class 2 P1

1st Helen Holdsworth Roscoe 6th 73.68%

2nd Adrian Kilvington Bella 71.05%

3rd Ava Garnett Country Hall Girl 66.05%

4th Maddy Ruff Wizard 65.00% (68)

5th Michelle Bell Duke 65.00% (65)

6th Jo Hogan Storms Red Horizon 64.21%

Class 3 P18

1st Maddy Ruff Wizard 67.89%

2nd Adrian Kilvington Bella 67.31%

3rd Amy Waite Tilly Moo 67.12%

4th Holly Clayden Zazu 65.96%

5th Val Clayden Red Cloud 65.19%

Class 4 N17

1st Maddy Ruff Wizard 65.38%

Thanks to Andrew and Sue Keane for judging and writing Sue Hardman, Sue Kedie, Michelle Watling, Dawn Young and Margaret Hardie for ensuring that the show ran smoothly Hope to see you all again at the Championship show on 9th September. Everyone welcome!


3rd September 2022 Y&DRC Saturday Series Dressage Show

Judged by Andrea Peel

Another successful morning at our monthly dressage competition. Special thanks to Glen Harland for organising.

Intro A
1st Janine Bower -Pegasus 67.6%
2nd Nicola Clayton- Cailin 66.08%
3rd Kate Walker Northwood – Beryl 65.43%

Prelim 4
1st Grace Smith-Matty 72.04%
2nd Sarah McClure-Flash Factor 69.77%
3rd Hayley Nunns-Dolly 63.4%

Prelim 1
1st Su Hosford-Kryena Bay 67.63%
2nd Terence Wensley-Belle 66.05%
3rd Hayley Nunns-Dolly 65%

Novice 27
1st Grace Smith-Matty 67.32%
2nd Sarah McClure-Flash Factor 64.64%

6th August 2022 Y&DRC Saturday Series Dressage Show

Judged by Sylvia Charlton

Class 1 Intro A :1st Nicola Clayton /Cailin 64.13, 2nd Kit Walker Northwood /Beryl 60.43 ,3rd Claire Williams /Lola 59.80

Class 2 Prelim 2 : 1st Hayley Nunns/King’s Mistress 64.31

Class 3 Prelim 13: 1st Carol Gamble/Charlie 67.69,2nd Grace Smith/Matty 67.50,3rd Lorraine Battle/Disney 66.15, 4th Jade Clayden/Amber 64.80

Class 4 Novice 28: 1st Grace Smith/Matty 69.16,2nd Sarah Lowe/Smudge 68.54,3rd Jade Clayden/Amber 64.79

Jade Clayden riding Amber 4th Class 3 & 3rd Class 4

Photos courtesy of David Midgley COALCROFT

Nicola Clayton riding Cailin winner of Class 1
Carol Gamble riding Charlie winner of Class 3