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Your Thoughts On… Organised Hacks with YDRC

We are considering running ‘organised hacks’ with the members of the club.

These would be for a small amount of riders for each hack (3/4 people each ride).

The idea is for someone to volunteer to ‘host’ the hack – the host must have space at their home/yard for others to come along, and the host takes the other riders round their favourite local hacking route. OR if you don’t have space at home but know a great place where a hack could meet, this could be an option also (IE Redcar beach).

This will be completely free, and hopefully a good social event for anyone to get involved in.

If you’d like to try being a ‘host’, or if you’re interested in attending a hack please Email the club on and let us know you’d be interested in our ‘organised hacking’ idea… We’ll do the rest!